The Cost Of Feeding Dogs Cheap Food

April 19, 2018 by Tamara Coleman

    In the modern world, food is relatively abundant and there is a wide variety of convenient foods available on the grocery store shelf. More often than not, these foods may contain ingredients of dubious quality, yet the general public mostly chooses to ignore the ingredient label and will still purchase the foods for themselves and their families. For examples, look no further than the cereal or beverage aisles, where many of the products are full of added sugar and artificial colorings. Many precooked entrée meals will also include added sugar and artificial preservatives and colorings as well. As...

Do you know what your feeding your dog?

July 31, 2017 by Tamara Coleman

We have evolved from when dogs were living in the wild chasing prey for dinner to current day where dogs are domesticated spoiled companions. They live in our homes, sleep in our beds, go to groomers, regular visits to the doctors, designated beaches and parks to play. Let's face it they're now our fur children.  We believe dogs are family and are firm believers that you are what you eat! So, why wouldn't they eat real food from real ingredients?  Eating kibble daily is equal to eating fast food daily. It's full of mystery ingredients, preservatives, fillers, dyes, animal by products and...