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Bark Bistro Company 

A peanut butter company just for dogs ....


At Bark Bistro Company we advocate a common sense approach in feeding all natural, transparent foods and treats for your furry family member. And since dogs love peanut butter, it only seemed logical to create a dog friendly one. 

After being frustrated with my own fur children having cancer, diabetes, and severe allergies which we contributed to the food they were ingesting, I was at the mercy of administering medicine on a daily and weekly basis. Eventually, they started detecting the pills hidden in their food and in cheese until I realized that peanut butter was the only thing that seemed to mask the smell and taste of the pills.

Seeing how I needed to give this to them on a regular basis I wanted to give them something natural without all the other human peanut butter violators for dogs like hydrogenated oil, palm oil, stabilizers, xylitol, sugars, and salt... so BUDDY BUDDER was born.

It started in my kitchen using food processors and adding additional ingredients such as pumpkin, cinnamon, banana, and honey so that they would gain additional safe nutritional benefits from the BUDDERS and it grew into a commercial kitchen making pawrents and pups happy nationwide.

Yep, we created a dog friendly, 100% wiggle butt approved, peanut butter that dogs are going nuts for (no pun intended). Trust us when we say it's DOGGONE GOOD.

The BUDDY BUDDERS are multi-functional allowing you to give it to them just as a fun treat right from the jar or a spoon, bake with them, make frozen treats with silicone molds, stuff inside kong toys or bone marrow to assist with entertainment and separation anxiety, smear on a lick mat, or use as a pill pocket by adding to the refrigerator and hiding the taste of yucky medicine. 

From Our Kitchen To Yours, 

Tamara Coleman