Our goal is simple; we advocate a common sense approach to feeding a whole food diet and want to empower other pet owners with real, quality, honest food, for their real furry four legged friend.

Dogs have evolved from wild wolf to domesticated woof and we've seen a huge trend in the humanization of dogs over the years. So what better way to make them feel like family then by feeding them a trusted diet. We believe in transparency and personally feel better feeding furry family members real ingredients that you can see and they can taste vs. kibble that’s not fit for human consumption.

As you know commercial kibble is full of preservatives, food industry by-products, filler, dyes, and other questionable ingredients. Its been cooked at high temperatures, which reduces it’s nutritional value, then consolidated to a hard brown ball and sprayed with a flavor to make it palatable for your pup. YUCK!

At Bark Bistro we only use fresh whole food ingredients that's made by hand in small batches in our commercial kitchen by happy dog lovers! 

In the end we're just like you, always looking to better the life of our pets. We believe dogs are family and they deserve 100% wag worthy food too! 

From Our Kitchen To Yours, 

Tamara Coleman