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Bark Bistro Company 

A peanut butter company just for dogs ... 

At Bark Bistro Company we advocate a common sense approach in feeding all natural transparent foods and treats for your furry family member. And since dogs love peanut butter, it only seemed logical to create a dog friendly one. 

Since the launch of BUDDY BUDDER we continue to grow and expand our line of healthy treats for your pups. We now have POOCH PANCAKES, REVIVE ROVER, AND SLOBBER STIX.

We believe in less ingredients, better ingredients. 

Continue following us for more rollouts and new launches! 

It started in my kitchen

It started in my kitchen using food processors and adding additional ingredients such as pumpkin, cinnamon, banana, and honey so that my dogs would gain additional safe nutritional benefits from the peanut butter combinations and it grew into a commercial kitchen making pawrents and pups happy nationwide.

I created 100% wiggle butt approved peanut butter that dogs are going nuts for (no pun intended) and I wanted to share these dog friendly combinations with your pups too! Trust me when I say, "they're doggone good."

The BUDDY BUDDERS are multi-functional allowing you to give it to your furry ones just as a fun treat right from the jar or a spoon, make frozen treats with silicone molds, stuff inside kong toys or bone marrow, use with enrichment toys  to assist with entertainment and anxiety, bake diy treats, or use as a pill pocket by adding to the refrigerator and hiding the taste of yucky medicine. 

The possibilities are limitless!


Tamara Coleman

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