We created BUDDY BUDDER as a fun treat and a way to hide those pesky pills pups sometimes have to take but there's so many fun ways for you to use BUDDY BUDDER....


You can stuff inside of Kongs, cow hooves, bone marrow etc to keep your dog entertained and assist with separation anxiety. You can stuff the BUDDY BUDDER inside and place in the freezer for it to last longer. 

You can smear the BUDDY BUDDER on distraction toys such as lick pads or lick mats to keep them distracted during bath time, nail trimmings, or to assist with anxiety.

You can use the BUDDY BUDDER to make frozen treats using silicone molds. 

You can bake doggie cakes or treats with BUDDY BUDDER. 

You can smear BUDDY BUDDER on apples and bananas as a fun treat or you can add on top of their food. 

You can use as a pill pocket to hide the yucky taste of medicine. 

Of course can be enjoyed from the spoon or right out the jar.