Do you know what your feeding your dog?

July 31, 2017 by Tamara Coleman

We have evolved from when dogs were living in the wild chasing prey for dinner to current day where dogs are domesticated spoiled companions. They live in our homes, sleep in our beds, go to groomers, regular visits to the doctors, designated beaches and parks to play. Let's face it they're now our fur children.

 We believe dogs are family and are firm believers that you are what you eat! So, why wouldn't they eat real food from real ingredients? 

Eating kibble daily is equal to eating fast food daily. It's full of mystery ingredients, preservatives, fillers, dyes, animal by products and it's a poorly regulated industry all in the name of greed. 

Kibble is made by processing food at high heat, usually being cooked four to five times. Poultry meals (turkey meal, chicken meal, etc) are made by grinding the entire bird, including feathers and feces. Sounds gross because it is. Of course, kibble is not supposed to be contaminated with fecal bacteria, so the ground poultry bodies (along with road kill, dead zoo animals, and other unsavory meats) are cooked at high heat to kill bacteria. After cooking to make a pot of disgusting soup, the soup is dehydrated using heat, to make a meal. The meal is shipped to the pet food manufacturer where it will be combined with the cooked grains and other ingredients, then cooked again to make a dough. The dough is cooked under high heat and pushed through an extruder (shaping die) and cut into kibble sized pieces. Then it is dried again to remove enough moisture to give it a stable shelf life.

Shelf life is great, but how much “life” is left in the food? Because the amino acids, essential fatty acids, and vitamins have been destroyed by cooking, the pet food manufacturers will “fortify” the food with an added vitamin/mineral mix. This mix is usually synthetic and is often imported from overseas. Occasionally excesses of vitamins or minerals are added, resulting in product recalls if enough pets are made ill by the product.

Say goodbye to processed poisonous kibble and all the dog food recalls and hello to farm-to-table food for your best friend! 100% of the ingredients in our BARK BOWLS are approved for human consumption but made for your canine. It's ingredients you can see and they can taste.